Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Responding to Sister T's end of the year Blog...

The biggest problem today is that the designers have forgotten that REAL females want to look and smell like a REAL FEMALE!

I don't want to look unisex in the boardroom to be taken seriously...come on this is not the 1960s anymore, I am Woman I want to Smell like one. If your Male Ego can not stand to lose on the Playground.

Who cares?

I'm not going to pander to it to make you feel better. Man Up and get over it dude. I can make the Bacon, Bring it home and cook it too....I'm not saying your not useful and I don't appreciate your being a Man. But come on to many Boys parading as Men out in the World give the Real Men bad names.

I want to be appreciated as a Woman, I want to look like one, smell like one. I don't want to smell like a piece of candy or fruit so that your idea of a little girl who swoons over your every word fantasy is met. I'm not twenty any more. I am a grown woman with thoughts of my own, with strengths and scars of a life lived stands before you.

I want a scent that can stand with me in strength, in soft moments, in quiet moments and let me still shout at the world moments. I want a scent that announces a Woman and not a girl has entered the room, you better sit up and take notice.

I'm not about to fight like a bitch in heat to get your attention dude, the little girls do that. If you want something like this, you better have the balls to approach me. And trust me, there are Real Men who will and do.

I am not a gay man trying to look like a straight woman, I don't want to smell like one. I don't want a politically correct scent...I'm not a fashion model trying to look like a human skeleton so that the clothes have no shape as they move down the runway. I don't want that image brought up when you get a whiff of me. I am not Paris Hilton or those other Hollywood types of Females that you have been pandering too.

I have parts that jiggle and wriggle, I have breasts that are REAL, nothing plastic here, I am no Barbie Doll. I don't want to smell like one.

So for the upcoming year of 2011...Can you Designers of the Fragrance get your heads out of your rumps, and Design a Mans Scent for those of our Brothers that will make me stop in my tracks and say HELLO...and can you design a few scents that the moment I open the bottle just a whiff of it will announce "Here cometh a Real Female" .....

Check out T's Blog that inspired my thoughts....