Sunday, July 27, 2008

We made it home finally

After a year and a half Heather and I were finally able to come home with Joshua...his unit greeted him at the airport and he got a hero's homecoming, he was the last man to make it home. While we still have a long journey of healing ahead of least it will be on home ground.

His struggles and his battle for his Freedom is still at is sad that he was shot in Iraq trying to bring Freedom to another country, only to come home and have a judge hand his Freedom over to another whom my son now struggles to be Free of...will keep you updated in his fight for his own Freedom.


daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Hazel, I've noticed that you are following our Moleskine International Exchange and thought I would welcome you on board for the journey. Please feel free to join in with comments and give us your views on any of the postings. We would love to hear from you!

I can see from your blogposts that your son Joshua has been dealt an awful and bitter blow, and you and Heather too in caring for him. My very best wishes go to each of you and hope you are finding the daily strength to keep going.

Finally, with that in mind, I would encourage you to get back to your own artmaking if you can and post them on your blog for us to follow. You need your voice to be heard.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that he is home with you. It is sad to read of what happened to him. I hope that he and everyone else who fights for our Country knows how much we appreciate it. I admire your standing by his side and his being so brave through these hard times.
Dealing with health issues of my own, art is what helped me cope. I do hope that you will put your emotions into your work. It will help you. I look forward to seeing your work and will visit your blog again. :)
You are not alone!

Hazel said...

I am now starting to get back to my art and will be posting it again...not all of it is pleasant and uplifting or fun..but it is all honest emotions.