Monday, November 10, 2008

Life Continues On and On

From my first attempt at doing a CP drawing done while sitting at his side praying he would live, to today watching amazing people step forward and donate their time, muscles, and money to help him pave his way into his new future. Our lives continue to go on and on...

Some days are good, Some days not so much. Here Joshua had one Sargent Hecker take time to visit with him in the hospital. Encouraging him to continue his battle to get strong and reminding him he would make it home.

To celebrating his nephews birthday at home with the traditional nosiest toy he can find to drive his parents crazy with....I love that his sense of humor is retained, the sense of fun and razing among he and his two younger brothers. Despite some efforts made to cause a drift between he and his youngest brother. Joshua sticks fiercely loyal to both of them.

To his being honored at a Lions Football game on the 9th of November 2008....I felt hope with the new elections, Stem cell testing being allowed in Michigan passed, it is our hope for his future.


Starr said...

I am praying for your son, you and your family. He is lucky to have a mother as special as you. And your art is amazing. I'll be a frequent visitor.

Kathleen said...

Hazel - I found your blog while visiting Starr's blog - I just want to say my heart is so with you and your son - My son, Lars, was a Crew Chief on a medevac helicopter in Iraq - his unit was the 82nd medical company and they evac'd Marines in the Anbar area- Lars is now with a special operations unit in Afghanistan - and is scheduled to come home Dec 8th -

Your family has paid a huge price for our freedom - I thank your son for all he has given - he deserves so much honor and respect - There is not enough our country can do for him to say thank you - it will never be enough - There are no words for how I feel and can only imagine what you feel - as a mother- Thanks - sending love and gratitude and my hope for continued improvement for your son-

one little acorn said...

The strength of your love for each other as "life continues to go on and on" is an inspiration. It is a long road and we all hope for good things in the future.

Stem cell research will hopefully progress quickly and a miracle or two out of the blue would be nice too. Best wishes to you all.