Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thoughts on mother of 8 babies

While I most likely will never understand the mother of those 14 kids...

I do think that we as a nation can not allow her children to suffer because
we think she was selfish in her way of thinking...they are rip
any family apart because we disagree with a parents choice would make us
no better than Nazi's who tore families apart...we are better than that as a nation.

I don't see the same reaction to the family of 20 the Duggers...or other huge family homes

She is not the only mother who uses the programs to raise her kids...if we start deciding who
can and can not be a parent because of a selfish choice we start down a slippery road again.

We can not forget the Indian children ripped away from their homes and forced to be more white.
Who were made to feel ashamed of their heritage...

or in our history when the poor children were ripped away and put into orphanages because others
thought them better off there than with loving but poor parents...

We have to stop thinking in terms of villainous with this woman and start thinking in terms of what do the
babies need.... well they need diapers, formula, they need clothes, blankets, beds, etc....there are so many things
that can be sent in place of money...the home needs cleaning supplies, it needs food...a diaper service for a year or two perhaps...toiletries for bathing...

Security team to chase off the men who haunt them like a pack of dogs who are the ones getting rich off their photos and stories being easy we forget a Princess in England is dead because of dogs like these...

As long as they can sniff blood in the water they swarm like sharks....and yet no one talks about them....

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