Friday, May 08, 2009

Thursday Morning

I spent the last hour chasing that dang needs it's wings clipped....I finally went and grabbed the blasted box of cheese nips that spike sneaks a cracker to Kal El each evening when he gets home from school and he followed me straight back to his cage and followed the crackers I put into his food dish right back into his cage. Much to the cats frustration that beast just made it worse....

I had a feeling something was up when I went through the morning routine with him, he did not go straight for his food and kept watching the door...I should have known he was plotting his escape. The moment I bent down to put the bottom of his cage back in he was over my head and gone!!!! flew his coup and went straight into the kitchen, than he spotted the box on top of the fridge and up he went so I grabbed the box and he followed me back. The entire time I am trying to keep angel from leaping up and getting the bird. I yelled at scrappy to round up the cat, which made the cat mad....thank goodness scrappy is the kind of dog who loves to herd...I don't let him do it often, but this morning I gave him permission and angel was rounded up like a blasted cow....

I need a drink and it is not even noon yet

Now Kal El is playing in his cage and cooing at think spike would get upset if I served him bar b que parrot for dinner?

So here we have one Parrot in his cage, One cat in Scrappys old puppy crate...let her sit in the cage for an hour, maybe two...the dog gets a treat!

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