Wednesday, October 22, 2014

After having this Blog set as pretty much hidden, I am Finally ready to face the world at large once more. Joshua is thriving and living his life fully on his own. I could not have asked for anything better for him. He does not let his being paralyzed slow him down one now it is time that this Mama got on with doing my own projects once more!!!

Since Joshua was wounded in Iraq, I have gained another Grandson Noah, so now I have two young men to spoil. The love in the family just keeps growing. Mike is now a man of 24...can you believe that!  Jacob has two sons and hoping for a girl yet....fingers crossed. It would be nice to add a new female in the mix...We lost Mikes furry companion of many years, Scrappy-Doo...he is now buried in the back yard. Snicker-Doodles is lonesome without her sidekick, but she is starting to rally once more. Merlin the Siamese is still kicking, can you believe he is now 23 years old. Angel is as mean as ever....LOL....that black and white kitty was misnamed!!!  Kal El is still one spoiled Parrot who believes he is the King of the Home!!!  But oh, he is the Love of my Life!!!!

Well that is about it for now, just a quickie to go paint something....yes

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