Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Part Thirty Q & A-found the unanswered Q's

2801. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. But what was the question?
I’m not really up on Dylan music but if I remember correctly, he was questioning about war, and life in general….this song is copy write 1961 and I was born at the end of 1961...

2802. Suggest three new diary circles that you would find interesting:
Vamps….B Flicks….Art

2803. Buttons or Knobs?

2804. What is a juggalo?
A thug

2805. Are you a fan of Crass?
I really don’t know the music

2806. If you were going to write a short note to yourself and then put it away and read it in ten years, what would it say? I’ve done this through out my life starting when I was 15 at a instructors suggestion to write a letter to my future husband to give to him on our wedding night…

I found it when I came home with Joshua in an old journal…LOL…I never did give it to him…which is a good thing, because he wasn’t worth something that innocent….

I’m not really sure what I would write right now to my future self …I’ll have to think and get back to you on that one

2807. When someone does something that is wrong do you believe that they know in their hearts that they are wrong but they push it down into their subconscious and rationalize away their guilt?

When have you done this (if you say never then you are doing it right now)?

2808. How can a person have sex with someone they don't love? I asked my pal that question a couple of summers back…….LOL…..he explained to me why men do this…

Have YOU ever?

2809. What are the paradoxes in your head (that is when you believe two conflicting things to be true)? ahhhhhh now that has been a real struggle the past few years, I’ll let ya know when I work it out

2810. What does each set of two words suggest to you?

pale gravity: Cool gray mornings silence fills the world around me, as if even the animals feel the shift in Mother Natures Mood just watching the fog settle in.

little mornings: I love these quiet little mornings sitting outside watching the humming birds buzz around me as I sip on hot peppermint tea and sketch. You can hear the laughter of the neighbors kids playing in their yard. The dogs are barking at some turkey crossing through the yard out of their reach, Chipmunks scamper back and forth from one hole in the ground to the next. Sometimes running up to my feet to grab a mouth full of sunflower seeds and walnuts that I am snacking on.

spiritual machines: Yes I try to avoid these creatures out to save the world from all it’s evil. They see sin everywhere they look but their own back yard, we see them on TV screaming from the pulpits while they have their hands in your pockets to pay for their lavish rich styles…the expensive manicures and huge diamond rings on the wives hands…I much prefer chatting face to face with a country preacher in a thread bare sweater, than watching the spiritual machines on the TV.

eccentric being: a dear old soul whose drummer still beats a different marching tune from the rest of the worlds

pray attention: pay attention now at the end of my patience with you

yellow lectures: boredom beyond belief

2811. What movie would be AWESOME in 3D? I don’t like 3D movies they give me headaches

2812. Why is it important to write and think clearly? So the reader can follow it.

2813. A girl and her boyfriend are hanging out. It is obvious they are together. Another guy schmoozes between them and starts hitting on the girl. The boyfriend tells this guy to back off. The guy just keeps bothering the girl.

Do you think the boyfriend would be justified in hitting this intrusive guy? Why wait for the guy to hit, I have a perfectly good knee and know where to place it hard.

A girl and her boyfriend are hanging out. It is obvious they are together. Another GIRL(lesbian) schmoozes between them and starts hitting on the first girl. The boyfriend tells this girl to back off. The girl just keeps bothering the first girl.

Do you think the boyfriend would be justified in hitting this intrusive girl? It matters not to me what sex they are, NO still means NO and I won’t wait for the guy to protect me from predators like this.

If you answered yes to one situation and no to the other one why the double standard?

2814. What do you think of the name Prue? it’s a name

2815. What would you spend your last dollar on? Depends on what I need

2816. Have you ever won an ebay auction?yes

If yes for what? I think a key chain from my pals ebay store for a Christmas present

2817. Would you like it if Blockbuster had a drive through?? some nights yes

2819. When was the last time you taught someone something and what was it? can’t remember

2820. Why do adults and teens not understand each other?
Life experience.…teens think they know everything and adults realize they don’t

2821. Are you afraid?
I have my moments

2822. Do you trust large drug corporations?

Do you trust the Food and Drug administration?

2823. If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?

Do you define sound as sound waves or as the reaction between the soundwaves and your ears?

2824. Who is full of shit?

2825. Four of the five senses are routed through a special area to the brain. One sense goes right to the brain and so is a powerful sense involved with memory and emotion. Which sense do you feel this is?

2826. Are you on a ship of fools or a carousel?

2827. What is your bathing suit like?

2828. Whose line is it, anyway?

2829. Are you more likely to answer a signed in note or a nsi note?

2830. To be or not to be. That is the question. What is the answer?

2831. Does beauty exist as a defineable standard or is beauty in the eyes of the beholder?

Why do you think it is that so many people have the same idea of who and what is beautiful?

Where do your standards for judgeing beauty come from?

2832. Would a war with Iraq help or harm american economy?

2833. What is the first thing you would do if you saw a nuclear explosion in the distance?

2834. Would you like to be cryogenically frozen?

2835. Think of the person you love the most.

Would you be willing to murder a stranger in order to save that person's life? Why or why not? I don’t know and I hope I am never put into a situation where I have to find out one way or the other.

2836. Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can? Not really…we see it in third world countries but it is so distant from most of us, that it is hard to wrap our brains around it. It is not part of our reality.

2837. How messed up is:

your hair? in a pony tail today

your room? clean

your car? messy….LOL that I do need to clean out

your life? If you only knew

2838. What are you running out of? time in a bottle

2839. What do you live for? today…

2840. How did you decide it was worth living for? Because I don’t know if I will wake up tomorrow, so better take the day that I do have

2841. Do you consider some people to be too:

traditional? yes




stuck up?yes










2842. By what criteria do you judge others? My own same as you do

2843. Do you look at people's words and actions or the underlying reasons for those words and actions? People will tell you who they are, just listen to them… don’t think your going to change them or their opinion of you. Just hear, accept and walk away.

2844. Which would you rather collect:

simpsons action figures? no

kiss gear? Been there did that in teen years

anything with a smiley? Been there did that in teen years

horror movies? yes

2845. Do you fight for your rights? I am just now learning how to do that

2846. Would you rather be a construction worker or a crossing guard? neither

2847. What is enough to satisfy you in life? This is a question I saw in varies forms, so I was not sure how to answer it in a completely honest way….I am satisfied with some aspects of my life but not others….and are we ever really completely satisfied…once we reach that point; do we stop the growing as humans to be better and more than we are right now?

2848. Do you think you have more, less, or average life experience for your age? I used to think more, until I joined a couple of groups and discovered so many have survived more or different forms of what I have seen. So who is to say what is average for the human race?

2849. Why go to college? To expand our knowledge of the world out there

Have you considered joining a cult instead? Some thing I was raised in one

2850. What's the last lie you told? “Really; I’m fine.”

2851. What celebrity has the sexiest voice of

females? Catherine Seta Jones when she speaks in her native Welsh accent

males? Sean Connery

2852. You are having a party and can invite three celebrities of your choice. The WILL come. Who do you invite? Whoopie Goldberg, Craig Ferguson, Goldie Hawn

2853. Where did you come from? The trying to be the perfect wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin…..everything I was “expected” to be.

Where are you now? Empty nest…. standing still looking at the mirrors image.

Where are you going? I have not a damn clue at this moment

2854. What would you imagine the playboy mansion is like? Ancient old man surrounded by beautiful young women willing to do anything for fame, money, and I don’t know what ever other reasons they have for being there.

2855. Do you blow your nose loudly in public? try not to….

2856. Do you help others every day? Not every day

2857. Bono or Chris Tucker? bono

2858. Is it lonely being alone in your head? I’m not alone in my head….I’m always there, as are the old ghost of my own past.

2859. What is the worst poverty you have ever seen? LA it is really depressing when I have to go down there…..I don’t know why but some of the areas just feel so gloomy while other areas are full of life and laughter

2860. Has anyone ever told you that more than 2 billion people live on less than two dollars a day? yes

What do you think of that? I think it is horrible the greed of corporate leaders

2861. Add a sentence to the story:

Once upon a time there was a man named Arthur and he was brushing his teeth when all of a sudden he saw a bright rainbow outside. So he goes out the back door to take a look and he finds an elf who says
We Elves have a task for you to accomplish, if you complete it in the appointed time we set you will be greatly rewarded with a pot of gold. But you must never tell anyone the mission and you must complete it in the appointed time your given or you will forfeit the gold coins. Here is a passport, and the itinerary for your trip, your leaving in 20 minutes for America. Once you arrive you will be met by an undercover fairy of the North American Realm who will help set you on your path. Top secret this mission is, do you accept?

LOL of course that is more than a sentence is it not….LOL

2862. Be honest.. do you generally listen or wait for your turn to talk?
I have my moments when I do listen and moments when I don’t

2863. How many fingers do you type with? 4

2864. What does 'you think you know but you have no idea' mean? Where did it come from as a common phrase? I don’t really care

2865. Do you think it's important to give up liberties in order to protect freedom? never

2866. Do you think George Bush was elected in a legal way? No, if there was a question there should have been a recount not a judge deciding.

2867. Imagine you were dying of a disease...you only had a certain amount of time left with your mate, parents or children. What would you leave behind for them to remember you by? My art and my journals

How would you feel if there were drugs to help you live, only you couldn't afford them?
I have seen that happening in my country USA here in MI already….

How would you feel if people were trying to sell you the drugs at a lower cost but the drug companies made sure they couldn't because that would cut their profits?
Again that is happening already with seniors being denied medications from Canada because it is cheaper.

This scenario is going on Right Now. The country is Africa. The disease is aids. The drug is azp (and others). The people are Africans who are very poor and have aids. The large drug corporations won't sell the drugs at a price they can afford or allow smaller companies to either. Is this acceptable? no

What are you going to do about it?
I don’t know what we can do, we can’t prevent it in our own country.

2868. Would you ever BUY a new ring for your cell phone that plays a couple of notes of your favorite song? I did in the past

2869. What has completely moved you? Watching a wounded man wake up from his fog to the world around him.

2870. If for your next birthday you had a novelty kids birthday party what games would you play at it? I’ve done this before because no matter how old we get, we are still kids at heart…pin the tail on the donkey, twister ( try this with a shot of something in your hand, and the shot glass is never allowed to touch the ground, the first person to spill has to take a jello shot) , Pictionary, piñata (but instead of candy it had those little teeny bottles of alcohol in them…) , we used to have scavenger hunts for my birthday each year, that was how the party started actually…you had the different teams and a time limit with a list of items to be found imagination was encouraged…LOL…. First team back with all the items on the list won a door prize.

2871. How can you keep open toed sandals from rubbing against your toes and making them blistered and raw? Band aide ….typically it is just breaking them in

2872. What happens to socks when they disappear in the drier? ahhhh one of the great mysteries

2873. What is the quality of humanity all about? Being humane, being compassionate, having empathy for each other…..or you have the negatives of humanity of greed, corruption, etc….two sides of the coin, which do you want.

2874. True or false - All homophobes are inherently evil.:
false people fear what they can not understand

2875. Is there anything, besides love, that money can't buy? integrity

2876. How is your soul? damaged at the moment

2877. What are you committed to? my family

2879. Are you photogenic? no

2880. Can you define these words off the top of your head as if you were talking to someone who didn't know what they were?

rain: Water falling from the sky

cold: Loss of warmth

green: grass

sand: soft grains

2881. Why aren't you naked (or are you)? your not a very good psychic if you can’t tell

2882. Do you think anyone is all good or all evil? none of us are all good, but I have met people who are completely evil.

2883. Go outside a sec. how many animals are in your yard? three

Did you count yourself? yes

why or why not? because I sensed you would ask…….LOL

2884. What household appliance drags you down? TV

2885. try this..write a list of six possibilities of things you could do after you are off the computer. Make sure that at lease ONE thing is something you would be unlikely to ever do.

1. Write in journal

2. Paint

3. Fly a Plane

4. Walk the dogs

5. Fill the wood stove

6. Shower and get ready for bed

Now grab a dice (if you have none ask someone to pick a number between 1 and 6) and decide what you will do by flipping it. Then do it!

2886. Which of the following doesn't belong with the others and why?

a. garden

b. love
c. magazine check ….gardens are generally about love and death, everything in it is planted with love, and it will all die

d. death

2887. How old are you? 48

What age do you feel mentally? that depends on the day….LOL

emotionally? that depends on the day

spiritually? that depends on the day

2888. Who do you think is more wise:

your mailman


a person who has been living on the streets for 12 years?
one does not make them wiser than another just luckier is all…

2889. Do you kiss on the first date? no

2890. Would you ever want to be on:

a dating show(which)? no

a game show(which)? no

the news(why)? Yes, used to be for different things when I was younger, advertising for local theatre shows, or the local Halloween house, typical teen stuff I was part of growing up….

2891. How much money would it take to get you to:

strip to nothing but a bright orange thong (for guys, orange thongs an string bikini top for girls) and wrestle another person of the same sex in a thong in a pool of jello? not enough money in the world

participate in a contest where you drink alcohol as fast as you can until you puke? not enough money in the world

sit absolutely still for 2 hours, in nothing but a towel, covered in plaster of Paris? I could not achieve this feat

Walk around at your school in bondage gear asking people to spank you on the ass with a huge dead octopus tentacle? not enough money in the world

pick your nose and eat it? not enough money in the world

smash potatoes with your head?

Not into the whole frat crap stuff, not enough money for me to do any of these things

2892. Who deserves an apology? My son

2893. What wins the award as stupidest lyric you can think of? Tip Toe through the tulips

2894. Where do you most like to be massaged? hands

2895. Is your face clear? some days yes some days no

2896. Finish this phrase in a humorous way.. Friends don't let friends...
Get drunk and go home with the farmer boy…..LOL…..ok maybe I’ve watched to many B Flick horror films…but it is always the farmer boys who are the hidden psychos that bury the bodies in the radioactive back 40.…LOL

2897. What present would you bring to the birthday party of an acquaintance? I don’t generally go to an acquaintance party, just friends

2898. Is your game on? no game at 48

2899. What would a song for the deaf be like? sung with hands

How about a painting for the blind? textured

2900. What is a sure-fire way to get noticed? who do you want to get noticed by first

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